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International calling to Cuba

This website is specially developed for making international call as simply as possible! It contains all necessary information about how to make international calls to Cuba from different countries of the world!

If you are going to make an international call from USA to Cuba, dial the following number:

011 + 53 + Telephone phone number

Let’s consider the structure of dialing international number from USA to Cuba:

  • 011 is the USA exit code.

You should dial this code first. In is this case, 011 is your international access code or exit code which you need to know to make an international call successfully! If you don’t know the exit code of the country where are you calling from, you wouldn’t be able to dial out of the country.

  • 53 is the Country Code for Cuba.
  • Each country has its own country code. The country code is an obligatory while dialing international number,
  • Phone number – 8 digits for both land phones and cell phones.

Phone number is a number of a person whom you are calling to. The number could be land line number or cell phone number. Making an international call from cell phone number could be more expensive. You should ask your mobile provider about the rates.

International calls to Cuba from other countries

The structure of dialing internationally to Cuba from countries all over the world is same as given below. It is also used both for land line number and cell phones.

Dial internationally from your Landline:

Your Country exit code + 53 (Cuba Country Code) + Area Code + Recipient's phone number

For example, you are calling to Cuba (Santa Clara) from Italy. You should have the following numbers to dial:

00 +53 + 42 + Recipient's phone number

Consider in details the structure of this dialing phone example:

  • 00 is the Exit code for Italy
  • 53 is Cuba Country Code.
  • 42 is area code for Santa Clara

Don’t forget that exit codes are different for different countries. You can find out every country codes on our website.

Recipient's phone number is a phone number of a person whom you are calling to.

It usually contains from 6 to 8 digits. Area code included.

Dial internationally to a cell phone:

Your Country exit code + 53 (Cuba Country Code) + 5 (Cuba Mobile code) + phone number

For example, you are calling from Italy to Cuba (Santa Clara) to a cell phone. The structure of phone number while making an international call, in this case, is the following:

00 + 53 + 5 + Recipient's phone number

The exit code for Italy (00) and country code for Cuba remained the same as in the first example. After you dialing 00 (Italy exit code) and 53(Cuba Country code), you should dial 5 (Cuba mobile code) and the phone number of a person whom you are calling to.

Country exit code + 53 (Cuba country code) + 8 Digits Cellular Number

The mobile number which you are going to dial could have been already included the number of Cuba Mobile code (number ‘5’). In this case, the digits cellular number will start with number ‘5’ (Cuba Mobile code) and include 8 digits together.

Don’t use Area Codes for cell phones!